Bubble from class three with my Beginning Glassblowing students at DC GlassWorks.

This was our first night working with a blowpipe to test our newfound skills at gathering glass from the furnace, using blocks and working with tools like the steel marver and jacks.

Next week we'll follow (most of) the steps from this list to make cylinders!

The ripple effects of creativity

I've often thought of crafting as a stress reliever.

There's nothing quite like turning all your attention to transforming a humble ball of rope into an airy wall hanging or a simple block of rubber into a stamp that you use to print a beautiful pattern on all the things.

Losing yourself in the process of making with your hands (even as you say a few choice words about that pesky knot that's appeared out of no where) gives you a chance to break away from the stresses of everyday. To think about something totally different.

New research out of the University of Otago in New Zealand tells us that act of creation has more ripple effects than we knew. "Everyday creative activity may lead to an 'upward spiral' of increased wellbeing and creativity." So in addition to the stress relief you might while crafting, you might just get an extra boost the next day too. Sounds good to me!