Bubble from class three with my Beginning Glassblowing students at DC GlassWorks.

This was our first night working with a blowpipe to test our newfound skills at gathering glass from the furnace, using blocks and working with tools like the steel marver and jacks.

Next week we'll follow (most of) the steps from this list to make cylinders!

Handmade for the Holidays

Want to shop blown glass in the warmth and glow of a glass furnace? You're in luck!

On Saturday, December 10, I'm one of seven glassmakers taking part in the annual DC GlassWorks Studio Artist Holiday Sale. The studio will be open 1:00 to 5:00 pm and you can shop a variety of blown glass bowls, vases, sculpture, ornaments and lots more.

Bonus: while you are there you can spend some time in my craft studio crafting up some love to share with our neighbors. Bonus, Bonus: This is the first stop on your Highlight Hyattsville for the Holidays tour and there is lots more to explore!


Caterpillars and snowmen from class one with my Beginning Glassblowing students at DC GlassWorks!

Class one was all about gathering out of the 2,000 glass furnace, turning and trying out tools & equipment for the first time.

Tonight we're introducing blocks to shape the glass (and getting a taste of color with paperweights!).