Crafting my message, stitch by stitch

It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted my sign to say. It was important to me that it represented what I was marching for--and honestly, that list feels like it grows every day.

Should I put every issue I care about on one sign? What if I leave something out? What order should they be in? Should I focus on just one?

So I took a step back because, at the core, there are some fundamental things about this country and what I thought it stood for that are under attack in ways I didn't even understand. There are things that I believe that I need to take fuller ownership of, and keep marching for.

I believe that our differences are what make us interesting. That our blending of cultures, heritages, languages and religions are what weave the beautiful tapestry that is America. That our connections across neighborhoods, states and countries make us stronger. That we, as a people, can only truly get ahead when we lift each other up. That none of us can truly be free until all have equal access to opportunity.

My forward-facing sign was a personal expression of my beliefs. The act of stitching it was an opportunity to reflect on what matters to me and a tangible reminder for the days ahead.

The reverse was a message to my fellow Marchers, with women especially in mind. Simple words that can never be heard enough.

I am thankful that so many messages were carried on the signs of millions of marchers around the world. Some provided levity, others were heartbreaking or hopeful. I am heartened that so many issues, causes and beliefs will march on with others as I focus on the issues for which I can do the most good. The awe-inspiring feeling of yesterday, of being part of the rivers of people that flooded so many streets, brought me hope and reaffirmed for me what I am marching for. None of us are alone; we are truly stronger together. Thanks to my fellow Marchers I am fired up and ready to go.

Save the Date: December Community Craft Party

I was going to switch up the theme for our next Craft Party, but honestly, sharing a message of love with the community seems more important then ever now.

So, please save the date for December 10 and join us to craft up some love! Bonus: this party takes place during the annual Holiday Sale at DC GlassWorks (which is the studio we call home), so you'll be able to meet a great community of artists and shop blown glass bowls, vases, sculpture, ornaments and lots more.


When: December 10, 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Where: 5346 46th Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781

What we're crafting:
We'll be making tiny affirmations as seen in the "You Are So Very Beautiful" Craftivism project. Use the supplies of your choice to craft a palm size message that begins with the words, "You Are" and includes the hashtag #YASVB on the back. No prior crafting experience needed! Tools and supplies will be provided, but you're also welcome to bring supplies to use or to share.

You are...

On Saturday we welcomed the community into the studio for our second Craft Party.

As we did in July, makers used paper and glue to transform playing cards into messages for the community #craftivism style. Each piece used the phrase "You are..." to create tiny affirmations as seen in the "You Are So Very Beautiful" Craftivism project.

We have plans to do a community walk next week (when things are a little drier) to deliver these messages around Hyattsville. In the meantime, here's a look at a few of awesome messages the community crafted up. Many thanks for sharing your creativity with the community!

We have some ideas in the works for our next Community Craft Party activity and are thinking early December. Hop on the email list to be first to get all the details!

Crafting a Message

Thank you to everyone who came out for our inaugural Community Craft Party! We loved seeing you craft it up in our new space!

We asked everyone to make tiny affirmations as seen in the "You Are So Very Beautiful" Craftivism project. Paper was the hands down favorite medium. Below is a peek at a few of the messages our crafters sent out into the community.

And good news my crafty friends--that was so much fun we're going to do it again. We've already got our next Craft Party on the calendar for Saturday, September 24. Save the date!