A celebration of spring


Each spring I make a piece to celebrate the year’s first blooms. This year Snowdrops were the first to emerge followed closely by the yellow Crocus. Then a Forsythia and purple Crocus came out to play. Lots of color inspiration for this Saturday’s glass making session.

Open House this Saturday!

Ready to see 2,000 degree clear glass transformed into something else entirely? Stop by DC GlassWorks (5346 46th Ave, Hyattsville, MD, 20712) this Saturday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm!

As part of the annual Gateway Arts District Open Studio Tour you can get a behind the scenes look at it all and chat with some fab local artists. I'll also have a community craft project going in my studio and I'd love your help with it!

Don't love it

Glass is ever a humbling medium.

There are countless ways a piece can go wrong before it goes in the annealing oven. In the safety of the annealing "box," unseen stresses on your glass or a piece near it can cause damage. Once it's finished and out in the world, glass is fragile no matter how sturdy I try to make it. And just when you're feeling confident in your process, gremlins attack "the box" and an evening's work on vases results in puddles of glass.

Will have to try these again next time.