In a week where my city gave a voice to all members of our community then said, "oops, never mind," it felt good to finish my #welcomeblanket. Made with yarn purchased from three locally owned shops, using a stitch I first learned from my grandmother. This blanket is headed to Chicago to join 2,000 miles of warm welcome before finding a home with a new immigrant to the United States.

It's not too late to knit, crochet or sew a blanket for this project--deadline November 4. Details at www.welcomeblanket.org.

Pocket hearts

My first hour in the studio last night was all about birds and the last two were slatted for flowers. When I felt my energy flagging, I told myself I could try something new if I made it through my "to make" list. Sorting out the process to make these little guys was a fab reward.

Office Craft Break: Valentine's Edition

Time to add a craft break to that boring office lunch.

With Valentine's day just days away, here's what 30 minutes and some supplies from your desk can make.

Paper hearts. I cut mine from yesterday's newspaper, but magazines or scrap paper will also do nicely. A little tape, and you've got decor for your door, cube or computer monitor.

Garland. Then I strung some paperclips together and attached my heart scraps. Affix your paperclip string to a boring surface with pushpins or magnets and you've got some garland.

I was thinking that straws or pens would make great "stems" for paper flowers, but couldn't get them shaped quite right in the time I had left of my 30 minutes. Maybe you'll have better luck.

What will you craft at lunch today?