Team sport

At least once a day when I'm at a market with my glass I'm asked whether, "I made all this." The simple response is, "Yes." The longer answer is that the style of glassblowing I practice is a team sport.

One person is in charge of the piece--deciding what they will make, what color it will be, what shape it will become, what steps will be taken to get there and who (if anyone) will assist them in making it. I do make each of the pieces I sell, but for most of them I have a partner in creation. He helps me strategize and consider options on how best to bring a vision to life in glass, and helps with a myriad of the steps along the way in the actual creation. Those who have watched glassblowers at work often describe it as a well choreographed dance.

Leo is my partner in the dance of glassblowing. See how he translates his visions to glass.